Let’s go for ice-cream

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During our walks between the narrow streets of Malaga we have discovered a very good ice-cream shop – Casa Mira located on the Andres Perez street. This is a company that has over 125 years of experience. The first shop was opened in 1890 by a grandfather of the current owner –  Fernando Mira.

The tradition of running a shop was passed down from generation to generation and has lasted until today. The ice-cream shop has space for a bar but also has a small quiet room with capacity for more or less 15 people, a cute inner courtyard with tables. Apart from ice-cream you can also buy many other products like jams, liqueurs and even soaps, candles or air fresheners. Today I took my friends there so they could buy Turrón, a typical sweet from Spain made of honey, sugar and egg, with toasted almonds or other nuts, and usually shaped into either a rectangular tablet or a round cake. For myself I bought an ice-cream with Malaga taste – mniaaaaamyyyyy 🙂


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